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The Audacia Company is an agency of freelancers helping small businesses and start-ups improve on their business strategy,internal operations,website design,email marketing & content creation.

Learn how to expand your business’ capacity without expanding payroll

Our goal is to help startups & small businesses increase their operational efficiency and improve their capacity to handle larger projects and enterprise clients.


We are able to deliver on larger projects while fitting into smaller budgets because of our international workforce - We vet overseas talent and invest into skilling up our staff and team of freelancers in different business related fields, which gives us unique flexibility in building out a variety of solutions for our clients.


Website Design

In the current landscape, a website serves as a digital business card for your brand - it should help you capture the interest of potential customers, help current customers make purchases and engage with your products or services with no friction, and should properly communicate your brand's aesthetics and tone. 

We have the ability to build effective websites that drive conversions, create leads, and educate consumers about your products and services.


Email Marketing

Even with the rise of social media, SMS marketing, and paid search advertisements, email marketing still remains a key part of any business marketing strategy. Our team has worked across many different industries, both in B2B and Direct to consumer.

We regularly achieve open rates of over 30% on our email marketing campaigns, and click through rates of 2% - 4%. We use platforms like constant contact, mail-chimp, and built in email services on Wix, Square and Shopify.


Hiring & Outsourcing

Payroll can often be a companies' largest expense, and with good reason. Getting the right people in the room can often be the reason that a company is succesful, and having the wrong people, or not enough of the right people consistently serves as the reason for less-than stellar performance.

Whether it be for one-time creative projects or a consistent need for administrative support, let our team handle to process of vetting and onboarding remote workers for your business. 


Content Creation

Content Is King - especially in the age of social media marketing. It is vital for businesses in the direct to consumer space to have a consistent presence on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik-Tok, and Twitter. 


Depending on your platform, content could mean consistent blog articles, carousel posts, short promotional videos, or audio clips. Our team works to provide all of these for your brand - auto scheduled so that you dont need to worry about when your posts go out. All you need to do is engage with your audience and develop real relationships with interested customers.



Even with the best content, an eye-catching website, and compelling copy, a business without a strategy for success wont know if the work being done is getting them closer to goal. 

What is the average order value? How often do customers purchase products or services?  How often should you send out campaigns and why? These are questions we ask in our strategy sessions, and we focus on creating a plan of action that yields long-term results.

Tailor-Made Solutions For Your Business

Projects We’ve Worked On:

ZaZ Restaurant & Catering

Website Design, Email Marketing & Outsourcing

Consciously Exposed Consulting

Website Design, Content Creation, Copy Writing, Email Marketing

The HMF Foundation

Website Design

Project Management & Strategy

The Heal Room

Business Strategy, Email Marketing, Website Design


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