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The Skills Needed To Cross-Train Front End Staff Into A Social Media Team

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

The workplace landscape is undergoing a seismic shift, and the global COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated this transformation. With each new generation entering the workforce, they bring along unique attitudes toward work culture, novel methods of communication, and fresh ways of creating value.

Generation Z, in particular, stands out as the first cohort to grow up from cradle to early adulthood immersed in the internet, social media, and technology. Their digital fluency shapes how they gather and share information with others.

If you're managing a restaurant that leverages social media to promote its services, there are several ways to harness the innate skills of your younger staff.

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Welcome to our online blog, a digital journal where we explore various methods for cross-training staff to deliver greater value to their employers. These articles begin as handwritten entries in my journal, are transcribed into notes, and then undergo AI-powered editing to incorporate SEO-optimized keywords, boosting our visibility on Google search engines.

But let's get back to the specifics.

Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Value Creation

Social media channels offer numerous opportunities to convert customers:

  1. Social Feed/Stories: Your public social media profile showcases visual evidence of your skills, the breadth of services, and social proof. This is instrumental in converting leads from cold to warm and from warm to hot, based on their engagement with stories or regular feed posts. Follower comments can help identify a more engaged audience and signal who to follow up with.

  2. Direct Messages (DMs): DMs are a goldmine for nurturing customer relationships. This private space allows customers to feel they receive preferential treatment, granting access to private events, tastings, and discounts. Leveraging DMs effectively involves:

    • Sending voice notes for a personal touch and increased engagement.

    • Using images and visual content to create exciting invitations, promotional materials, or even humor-filled memes.

    • Crafting personalized, human-centered copy to encourage action.

These are just a glimpse of the opportunities available on most social media platforms. Tailoring your approach to specific platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook can yield even more customized results.

Some of the best ways to use DMs:

  1. Voice notes: Makes the outreach a lot more personal, more likely to be engaged with, and gives a chance for people to meet real human beings behind the brand. Done correctly this can even help convert followers into event attendees, or provide feedback about services that help improve the bottom line.

  2. Images/Visual Content: If any of your staff has artistic talent or ability to create digital art, this is a way to make exciting invitations, promotional visuals/recaps of private events, or even good old fashioned memes designed to build rapport.

  3. Standard Copy: Encourage your staff to learn and understand the skill of writing and avoid using AI exclusively. Be human, be witty, funny, etc. Highlight specific deals, but also avoid simply promoting services. Find ways to encourage people to take action. Personalize all messages intended for individuals as best you can.

This is a small snapshot and over generalization of what channels exist on most social media platforms. If we focused primarily on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc. - then the approach would be more tailored and specific.

The Skills Needed To Take Advantage Of These Channels

The question remains: What skills are essential to effectively navigate these channels? Here's a general list:

  1. Copywriting Skills (Avoid AI Exclusively): Engaging, error-free copy is vital for effective communication.

  2. Graphic Design/UX/UI Skills: Eye-catching graphics and user-friendly interfaces improve conversion rates and set your brand apart.

  3. Video Editing & Capture: Producing high-quality short clips using readily available devices like iPhones can captivate audiences on platforms with reels.

  4. Sales & Cold Email Outreach: The ability to source, qualify leads, present offers, and close deals via DMs is indispensable for immediate bottom-line impact.

While these skills form the foundation, the approach to teaching and deploying them will vary for each team.

Ready to Explore Your Social Media Potential? Book a Meeting with Us!

If you're eager to explore how these strategies can elevate your restaurant's social media game, book a meeting with our team. We're here to help you unlock the full potential of your digital presence and drive immediate revenue growth. Let's start the journey together!

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