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We help our clients completely remove themselves from the content creation process. 

CEO & Founder

Christian Appia

Since starting my professional career, I've had the chance to work as a full-time employee for a non-profit organization, a freelancer offering general consulting services, and finally as an entrepreneur with a growing company.


In November 2019 I founded the Audacia Company, an agency focused on helping small businesses improve their operational capacity. After 3 years of business, we are looking to expand and help new businesses in new markets. I look forward to working with you!

About Us:

A Fundamental Shift

The Audacia Company is an international team of freelancers who are obsessed with self-improvement and up-skilling. After the pandemic - the future of work was changed forever. We realized that we can create value, and build lifestyles we want from anywhere on the planet - as long as we have the wi-fi password.


This changed the game for small businesses and start-ups who no longer needed to invest into office spaces employees dreaded coming to. It illuminated the hidden costs of an economy that relied on its workforce spending a nationwide average of an hour of their lives traveling to and from work everyday. It empowered working professionals who had the discipline and consistency to deliver work remotely to companies who no longer had to provide a mountain of benefits and perks

The Problem

not Maximizing Your Resources

Payroll is most often a start-up or small business' highest expense - and comprehensive hiring processes take time and energy. Time and energy that isn't being invested in building the company and driving necessary growth and revenue.

Our Solution

Comprehensive Problem Solving

The Audacia Company was made for the startups and small businesses that don't have the 35,000 USD  - 60,000 USD in capital to hire a full-time social media strategist, or the 50,000 USD plus to hire an operations coordinator.

We understood that what companies needed was:

1 - A solid plan that addressed their specific needs, 

2 - A team of individuals who could execute consistently

3 - Repeatable, measurable results

Those results don't need to be tied up into a full-time employee ( 1 Person) but could be provided by a team of individuals doing a set of tasks that they were highly specialized in. If two brains are better than one - then we figured getting as many brains as possible, with different perspectives and experiences only makes for more comprehensive solutions.

We’ve paid all the wrong people - so you don't have to.

Tailored Support

Yes you could go to Fiverr - or Upwork. But there comes the inherent risk of working with individuals with no proven track record, or individuals who won’t take the time to brainstorm the most comprehensive solution, just the pre-packaged solution they’ve created ahead of time. 


Benefit from the past experience of our executive team - we’ve already hired the wrong people, and during the 2-year stretch we’ve been in business, We’ve also identified reliable individuals who have shown the capacity to deliver consistently on projects of varying size and scope.


  • Videography & Photography Services

  • Graphic Design

  • Market Research

  • Project Management

  • Business Strategy

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