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THe Audacia Company

  • Get a website that actively supports your business' goals. We create websites that create conversions, sales and sign-ups.​

  • No one likes spam in their inbox, or un-personalized messages. Our team uses a mix of automation and human powered writing to connect with your customers. 

  • Learn about what trends and strategies are relevant in your industry, so that you can stay ahead of the curve and feel confident that you and your team are using best practices.

  • You can have the best products and services in the world, but if not enough people know you're in business then the bottom line suffers. Get the right eyes on your business.

  • Our team works with you on a plan to create value  for your customers. We use analytics, direct experience and research to craft a plan that gets you to goal.

What We Do

  • An increase of people visiting your website who are actively looking for the services or products you provide. These types of visitors convert into paying customers, newsletter sign-ups and long-time fans of your brand.

  • We use automations because they save us, you, and your team time. Which in turn saves your business money.

  • We take the time get your strategic approach written down on a living document. This means all members of your team understand the approach and they "why" behind their work, and the work of their team members.

  • A brand isn't just fonts, a logo and a color palette. We identify the brand archetype, the tone, and specific guidelines so that the brand remains consistent overtime. 

  • The most important part of our process is looking at the feedback and results from our approach, and continuously improving our execution. This allows your business to experience the benefits of a living strategy. 

How You Benefit

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This comprehensive package includes a website with unlimited pages, a Google My Business profile setup, and a welcome email automation sequence. Enhance engagement with two automated drip campaigns, optimize your visibility with Google Listing and basic SEO, and solidify your identity with a tailored brand strategy.

Full Custom Site

Launch up to eight captivating email/SMS campaigns a month and watch your list grow with QR code creation, landing pages, and compelling lead magnets. Elevate your communication strategy and keep your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

Email/SMS marketing

Work with our team month to month to help drive sales, email/sms list sign ups,  and strategy sessions to review the numbers and continue to fine-tune our approach to create impact.

Monthly Retainer

Our Services

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